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The Need

In Dearborn

Just west of Detroit, Michigan is the beautiful city of Dearborn. The hometown of Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company and nearly 100,000 souls. Dearborn is known for its museums, schools, colleges and industry. But perhaps more than anything, Dearborn is best known as the headquarters of Islam in North America. Nearly half of the population of Dearborn are Arab-Americans that represent the largest concentration of Arab people in any city in America.

While this is a very diverse group that come from many nations and bring many religions, the overwhelming result of immigration into Dearborn has been a strong Islamic presence in the city. Dearborn is home to at least 14 mosques and many other Islamic institutions. This includes the Islamic Center of America which is North America’s largest mosque. Over the same time period, the number of Gospel-Preaching churches has shrunk. In some cases, the very buildings left behind by Baptist and other churches have quickly become mosques or Islamic institutes.

Help us

Raise Support

The need for the Gospel in Dearborn is great. Apart from the Islamic population there is a large number of unchurched people and many other religious groups in Dearborn. To meet this need, we are inviting you to help us start a new Baptist Church in the heart of Dearborn, to preach the Gospel, make disciples and multiply the worship of Jesus Christ. To do this, we are asking for prayer and financial support from churches and individuals like you that would like to be part of what God is going to do in Dearborn.

We are currently raising support to begin this work in 2021. We will begin outreach in the city in the summer of 2021 and will begin Sunday services in September, 2021. Please consider how the Lord might have you support this work.

The Levesque Family

Josh, Katti, Riley, Brady, & Wesley

I was raised in a pastor’s home, saved at age seven and surrendered to ministry at twelve. I met my wife Katti in High School and after training together at Pensacola Christian College, we were married in 2015. I then had the opportunity to join the staff of Immanuel Baptist Church where I was ordained into Gospel ministry and have served for over five years as assistant pastor directing outreach, media , and administration. During this time, the Lord has blessed us with three children, our daughter Riley, and our two sons, Brady and Wesley.

In the summer of 2019, during a prayer meeting of the Michigan Revival Conference, the Lord laid the burden on my heart to consider planting a church in Dearborn, Michigan. After a number of visits to the city and much prayer and research, the Lord confirmed the need and increased my burden to see a new church planted in this important city of my home state. This church plant is sponsored and sent out of our home church, Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna, Michigan and in cooperation with Baptist Church Planting Ministry.

Support The Work

Help us establish an active Gospel witness in the City of Dearborn!





Recurring giving can be sent by check or online.

  • Personal Family Support

  • Facility Rental Costs

  • Operational Costs (Printing, Curriculum)

  • Promotional Costs (Advertising, Hospitality)





All one-time gifts sent will go to the Launch Fund.

  • Outreach Materials (Bibles, Flyers, Tracts)

  • Advertising, Mailing (Facebook, Radio, etc.)

  • Service Equipment (Keyboard, Sound, Hymnals)

  • Facility Preparation (Banners, Stage, Pulpit)


“I am always pleased to see Michigan Association of Christian Schools graduates fulfill their dreams of serving the Lord. Josh and Katti Levesque have dedicated themselves to planting a Baptist Church in Dearborn, Michigan, fulfilling their desire to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” Dearborn, is in need of a vibrant gospel witness. My wife Sue and I have personally committed ourselves to helping them through regular prayer and intercessions and any other way Josh and Katti see fit for our service to them.”

Dr. Tim Schmig, Michigan Association of Christian Schools

“Not only do I highly recommend Josh but I am excited to do so! He is a well-prepared quality servant of God and his burden for the Dearborn community is heavy on his heart. Josh Levesque is a great investment for your mission program. I encourage you to consider him in your world wide mission effort. God bless you as you serve our Savior!”

Dr. Tim Rader, Fundamental Baptist Church, Kinross, MI

“I am thrilled to recommend Pastor Josh Levesque to you as a church planter to the city of Dearborn, MI. I have had the privilege to know Josh and Katti during many seasons of their lives from grade school through college, and as part of our pastoral staff. They have consistently shown zeal and love for the Lord that makes them well qualified to take the Gospel to this needy city. Pastor Josh is a spirit-filled preacher and highly capable leader who possesses the right temperament and abilities for the unique work of planting a church in a community dominated by Islam. Your church will be blessed to partner together with Pastor Josh and Katti to multiply the worship of Jesus Christ in Dearborn.”

Pastor Jason Georges, Immanuel Baptist Church

“I have personally known Pastor Josh Levesque for more than 13 years. I have known him to be a young man of high character and a man that has been focused on doing the will of God in his life. Since he was a teenager, he has been a leader among his peers. I have seen him navigate some difficult trials with a sweet spirit and unwavering faith in the Lord. It is with great confidence that I whole heartedly recommend Pastor Josh Levesque for your consideration for support. I believe that the work, the man and his family are a good investment of your mission support.”

Evangelist John Ashley, Living In Spite Of Ministry

“It is the joy of my life and ministry to endorse my son, Joshua Levesque, to you as a church planter in the city of Dearborn, Michigan. Joshua has been involved in church planting since he was two years old. He has aided me in the planting and growth of Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna, Michigan all of his life. He is a married father of three, an experienced associate pastor, and a very capable preacher. Josh has a real spiritual burden for the people of Dearborn, Michigan. While it is easy for me to extol him as his father and pastor, I must implore you to check him out for yourself. I ask you to pray for him, talk to him, invite him to your church, and help him accomplish this great task God has put before him!”

Dr. Douglas Levesque, Bible Nation Society

“Josh Levesque is the assistant pastor at the church where I have been a member for two years. There has never been a church planter that I could recommend more wholeheartedly. Pastor Levesque has been a faithful minister in our local church his entire life. He is sound in doctrine, and he knows where he stands on Biblical principles and would be a faithful church planter. Also, I feel he is perfectly suited to reach the people of Dearborn, MI. Our church, Immanuel Baptist Church, is the reproducing church and will actively help see this church planted and continue as a strong, healthy church plant. Please consider having Josh into your church to present his calling to Dearborn and taking his family on for monthly support.”

Pastor Rick Rust, Baptist Church Planting Ministry


A Meeting

If you are interested supporting this work then I would love the opportunity to come present our burden and vision for Dearborn in your church. Please contact me to see if we can schedule a visit in 2021.

You can fill out this form and I will contact you or feel free to reach out to me anytime by phone or email.